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Reinventing software testing for DevOps and modern application delivery

From DevOps and Agile, to APIs and microservices, to open source and new generations of packaged apps, the software development and testing landscape has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the path forward requires testing to deliver fast, continuous insight into risk and “release readiness.” However, the scope of what’s required to achieve that varies broadly.

This paper explores some of the primary challenges to delivering the expected level of insight, then provides a quick introduction to how today’s leading enterprises are overcoming those challenges.

Download the paper to learn:

·      The core elements of Continuous Testing (spoiler: “shift left” is not one of them)

·      The often-overlooked forces that are driving massive changes for testing

·      How to tackle the various challenges that modern QA and DevTest teams face

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