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How to speed up end-to-end testing for Salesforce and SAP using Tosca and the Automation Recording Assistant

Tricentis Tosca supports 160+ technologies and enterprise applications. In this on-demand video, our product expert will demonstrate how to create end-to-end test automation for a business scenario that touches several different technologies and enterprise apps from Salesforce and SAP to REST API, web, and data files.

Watch it to learn:

  • How easy it is to create an end-to-end flow with Tosca for Salesforce, SAP, web, and more
  • How Tosca’s Automation Recording Assistant (ARA) lets you record, modify, and run test cases that complement your SAP Fiori automation assets
  • How to leverage the Tosca Salesforce Scanner to automatically perform a one-click scan of your whole instance in less than a minute

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