How you could stop top software fails

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Software defects are unavoidable. But developers and testers can save the day by catching critical defects before production – or face the aftermath when the company ends up in the software fail headlines. 

In this webinar, a guest panel of developers, testers, and performance testing specialists explore what we can learn from top software defects. Along the way, panelists cover topics such as:

  • Shift left, shift right, or “spread the jam”
  • How testers can keep pace with development productivity increases
  • Where software testing is headed
  • How to elevate the role of the tester

The focus isn’t on diagnosing the “real” cause of specific failures, but rather to use real-world examples as a launching point for discussing the pros and cons of various testing methods.


Michael Niessl, Director of Engineering, Tricentis

Nicole van der Hoeven, Customer Success Engineer, Tricentis

Sue Atkins, Scottish Testing Group

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