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Telstra’s enterprise digital transformation journey

Are you looking to achieve quality at speed in a highly interconnected, digital enterprise with Salesforce at center stage? Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra’s Senior Quality Engineering Chapter Lead and Specialist join Tricentis to share their enterprise digital transformation journey.

With a complex IT landscape covering Salesforce, CloudSense, Amdocs, DocuSign, and many other disparate systems, Telstra wanted to alleviate the challenges of manual testing to ensure their end to end processes were functioning. You’ll learn about how Telstra recognized the need for change, identified the potential roadblocks to address, and why they chose Tricentis Tosca for their enterprise digital transformation success.

This webinar features Continuous Testing for Salesforce. You can request a demo today!

Sai Niveda
Sr. Product Manager, Tricentis

Tejbir Singh
Sr. Quality Engineering Chapter Lead, Telstra

Mithilesh Pathak
Sr. Quality Engineering Specialist, Telstra

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