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Test Data Management Requirements

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Test Data Management: Why It’s Now a Requirement for Continuous Testing

White Paper
“It doesn’t matter how effective a test process is or how much effort you spend on test automation if you don’t feed testing the right data.”

— Forrester Research, Agile Test Data Management: The New Must-Have

Test data management is one of the critical capabilities that helps an organization evolve automated tests to continuous tests. It’s impossible to achieve a mature Continuous Testing process unless you have an effective, tightly integrated way to create, manage, and provision the data required for your tests. It’s also essential for Agile and DevOps success, per new Forrester research. 

However, obtaining and applying appropriate test data has always been challenging—and today, it’s getting even more complicated. Read this paper to learn what’s required to:

  • Automatically test complex scenarios with “stateful” data—for example, to test the reversal of fraudulent charges on a credit card account.
  • Ensure that Continuous Testing during CI can access the necessary range of fresh, unexpired test data.
  • Balance extraction + masking with synthetic test data generation to meet your test requirements while complying with data privacy regulations such as GDPR.
  • Prevent the 32% of false positives that stem from test data issues.

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