Test Data Management – The Underestimated Pain

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Test Data Management – The Underestimated Pain

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According to our customer surveys and confirmed by industry statistics, manual testers spend 50-70% of their effort on finding and preparing appropriate test data. Considering the fact that manual testing still accounts for 80+% of test operation efforts, up to half (!) of the overall testing effort goes into dealing with test data.

In addition, test automation requires having test data under full control: only with test data perfectly fitting the test description can automated test cases obtain stability. This is less an issue for simple test scenarios that create business objects (such as business partners, accounts). But it becomes a huge challenge as soon as objects need to have a certain state or history in order to be an appropriate testing basis (e.g.: accounts with a certain balance which require a series of previous transactions).

Find out how Tricentis Tosca can help you lower the maintenance effort of your test data and operating costs of your test environment while building an efficient test data management strategy.

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