The Great Debate: Testers’ Role in DevOps Continuous Testing

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It’s obvious that DevOps requires Continuous Testing—but does Continuous Testing require professional testers? This discussion is not only polarizing the development and testing community; it’s also impacting our ability to deliver software at the speed the business now expects.

To explore this topic from a variety of perspectives, watch The Next Great Debate webinar. This is a front row seat as Wolfgang Platz (Tricentis Founder), Mik Kersten (Eclipse Mylyn creator and Tasktop Co-Founder), and Jason Steele (Senior Executive, Accenture) debate hot topics such as:

  • Exactly what type of testing is required to deliver quality software at extreme speeds
  • Whether developers and SDETs can achieve it better/faster/cheaper than testers
  • Why so many DevOps initiatives are falling short of expectations— and how “testing” can be both the culprit and the solution

Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tricentis

Jason Steele, Senior Account Executive, Accenture

Mik Kersten, Co-Founder, Tasktop

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