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Testing transformations and the time-cost-quality triangle: Strategies for evaluating tradeoffs and quantifying ROI

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Testing transformations vary widely across organizations, and definitions can change depending on what team or individual you ask. But well-defined testing transformations are always built on a clear business case, with an associated timeline, desired outcomes, and a target ROI. This is certainly easier said than done. 

Speeding up software delivery is one of the most common desired outcomes from a testing transformation, and behind every software release is a carefully considered trade-off between time, cost and quality. But it’s hard to quantify the effects that better test automation, or risk coverage, have on ROI–and therefore hard to quantify the benefits they bring to the wider transformation.  

Watch this on-demand webinar as Franca-Sofia Fehrenbach walks you through how to: 

  • Get started on the right foot on your testing transformation journey
  • Understand the vital role that test automation plays in the journey  
  • Quantify the ROI impacts of increased risk coverage for both custom and packaged applications
  • Estimate the complexity and cost of scaling test automation across an enterprise setting  

Franca-Sofia Fehrenbach, Digital Transformation Strategist, Tricentis

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