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The top challenges of Selenium test automation (and how to tackle them)


It is common for people to describe their test automation approach with a single word – “Selenium” – as if it were “one ring to rule them all.” In reality, Selenium is an umbrella term, a collection of open source products. When people say “Selenium”, they mostly mean Selenium IDE, a simple stand-alone record/playback tool, or WebDriver, a code library that controls the browser.

That’s it.

Selenium does not provide tools to run the tests on a schedule, to compare visual elements, to report the results, setup the test servers or the test databases. To be fully formed, a Selenium test strategy needs to know all the problems that Selenium leaves unsolved, which ones are relevant for the context, and have a plan to resolve them.

Read this paper by expert testing consultant Matthew Heusser to learn:

  • The top 16 Selenium test automation challenges across technology, team, and process
  • Which teams are most impacted by the various challenges
  • How to prioritize the challenges to address in your Selenium adoption

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