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Tips for managing a remote technology team

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many technology teams to shift to remote work. This presents a whole new set of challenges for team leaders, including how to keep projects on schedule, stay connected to your organization’s mission and culture, and communicate effectively in the absence of face-to-face interaction. 

In this on-demand StarEast Virtual session, Cortney Hoese, a Data Visualization Principal at Humana and longtime remote manager, shares the best practices she’s gleaned after many years of leading distributed teams – as well as how she’s adjusted her management style to accommodate for the unique challenges of working through a pandemic. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:  

  • Best practices for ensuring a productive remote team of technology workers 
  • How to effectively manage people when you are not collocated 
  • What’s different about a remote work mentality and why understanding this is critical to success 

Speaker:  Cortney Hoese, Data Visualization Principal, Humana 

Cortney Hoese is a Data Visualization Principal at Humana, Inc, where she has been a servant leader for over 14 years, with the last 7+ years leading her teams remotely. Cortney recently took on a new role, leading a new team for IT Metrics and Storytelling, to marry the art of visualization and captivating audiences with the data and insights about IT Quality, Security, DevOps, and Finance. Previously, Cortney was a leader in the Software Quality space for over 10 years, utilizing her background as a developer and her passion for the consumer experience to drive enhancements to Humana’s processes and tools. Cortney has a Bachelor’s Dress in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in e-Business, both from the University of Louisville. Cortney holds certifications for ISTQB Tester, ISTQB Security Tester, ICP Agile Test Automation, SAFe 5 Scaled Agilist, TaskTop Integration Hub, and qTest Specialist 1. While not working, Cortney loves to spoil her furbabies and take road trips with her husband, especially to St. Louis to cheer on her sports teams (Let’s go BLUES!!) 

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