Top BI and data warehouse testing challenges – and how to solve them

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Your organization trusts its BI tools to drive strategy and process optimization decisions. Even the slightest data integrity error can have major impacts that ripple throughout the organization—compromising decision making processes and potentially opening the door to regulatory risks.

Yet, while considerable resources have been invested in technologies, methodologies, and best practices to ensure the continued integrity of business critical systems, the same cannot be said for business-critical data.

Whether you’re an IT leader responsible for systems that transform business-critical data or a business analyst tired of constantly catching errors in your reports, this on-demand webinar will help you understand why protecting data integrity is traditionally so challenging—and how to make it considerably less painful for everyone involved. We will explore challenges such as:

  • Determining where to focus testing and how to know when you’ve done enough testing
  • Tapping business users’ expertise for testing—without increasing their workload
  • Catching issues before they’re a nightmare to fix
  • Pinpointing exactly where—and how—data is being compromised
  • Compiling all the validation documentation required for audits (internal or regulatory)

Alain Traechslin, Product Manager, Tricentis

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