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As your reliable partner, Tricentis Licensing provides tailormade assistance for commissioning Tosca Testsuite in your environment. Different customers have different needs – therefore we are happy to assist you with your general Tosca Testsuite license setup. We offer information about the Tricentis product landscape and various license solutions.

Tricentis licenses are shipped as Node-Locked, Floating, or Cloud License. Depending on a contract, each of these license modes is tied to a life-time. Trial licenses are pre-contract evaluation licenses which are tied to a short timeframe and can only be used once on every workstation. Floating licenses are usually shipped as Commuter licenses that can be converted to Node-Locked licenses for a limited amount of time and are locked for all other users. When they expire or are no longer needed they have to be returned to the server they were checked out from. Depending on the contract, floating licenses are shipped as perpetual licenses that remain active for the stipulated life-time.

Make the most out of your license

We want to deliver your license as quickly as possible! To provide you with a fast and convenient delivery, it is imperative that all necessary information is available. Each license inquiry is tied to a set of information that enables us to help you achieve your goals. Below you can find an example of license contract essentials.

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