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Transitioning to DevOps for ServiceNow: Three strategies for reducing defects in ServiceNow deployments on a DevOps timeline

Many organizations are recognizing this truth: DevOps practices can help them release and update ServiceNow at lightning speed, fueling business innovation. 

If you’re already incorporating DevOps into your ServiceNow deployments, you must ensure your testing strategy is up to par. If it’s not, you’ll be releasing too fast without enough time for testing, or you’ll continue to experience testing delays that prevent you from achieving DevOps success. 
Read this white paper to learn strategies for making ServiceNow testing part of DevOps, to meet code delivery timelines and drive innovation, including: 

  • How to transition from manual testing to improve test coverage and release confidently 
  • How to scale test automation and reduce testing blind spots 
  • How to speed up and mature the lifecycle for your ServiceNow instances by integrating testing as early in the lifecycle as possible 

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