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Upgrading testing tools for agile & DevOps with Jira? Avoid these common mistakes

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Jira adoption is often the catalyst for testing teams to leave legacy tools behind. It helps ease the transition to agile, but testers need equally modern management tools to align workflows and enable true transformation. So how do you choose the tool that’s right for your team? It depends on your organization’s size, your test automation goals and how quickly you need to scale.

Watch this webinar to learn if you can get by with test management apps or add-ons, or if it’s time to make the case for enterprise-grade agile test management. We cover:

  • Why testing tools are often the last to be upgraded, and why “quick fixes” can be detrimental to long-term goals
  • The pros and cons of Jira test management apps – including the scale limitations that large teams will encounter
  • One testing team’s search for enterprise-grade agile test management – including what they tried along the way and where they landed

Ryan Yackel, Product Management, Tricentis
Devitt Frank, Agile and DevOps Solutions

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