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A new approach for verifying SAP data integrity

Traditional methods for testing data, such as manual “stare and compare” spot checks and vendor-specific testing tools, are too limited to adequately protect modern SAP environments from data errors. In this webinar, we share a powerful new approach that catches data errors before they can do any damage. Watch it to learn how one large enterprise automated SAP data testing and integrated it into their CI/CD pipeline, as well as how you can:

  • Replace time-consuming manual effort with an automated process that can cover massive amounts of data 
  • Increase the confidence and speed of SAP BW updates 
  • Ensure SAP updates, upgrades, and migrations don’t negatively impact your data 


Brad Purcell, Director, SAP Business Development, Tricentis 
Curtis O’Dell, Director, Tricentis Data Integrity, Tricentis 

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