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Do you want to be a manager? Here’s what no one tells you

You have now successfully led multiple projects for your team. You know you’re ready to be a manager, but your organization disagrees, or maybe you have already made the jump. You have seen good management in action. You also know of all your previous managers’ mistakes, and you are certain you won’t make them.

Think again.

Whether you’re looking to grow into a management role or you’re a new manager, what skills should you learn and grow so that you do not fail brilliantly at this new role? In this webinar, Aprajita Mathur shares her journey into management, what no one told her, and how she still continues to grow in this domain. She will share:

  • Attributes to focus on
  • Resources you can start using immediately
  • Skills to develop for a management journey

Aprajita will also discuss managing up, down, and across your organization to have the right conversations for yourself and, most importantly – for the team you manage.

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