What’s Really Needed to Transform Testing?

On-Demand Webinar

It’s easy to talk about digital transformations and overhauling testing practices to keep up with an increasingly agile development cycle, but what does it take to actually make it happen? Tune in to this candid panel discussion to hear three companies share their testing transformation journeys.

Quality leaders from Tyson, Experian, and other Fortune 500 companies present their experiences in a moderator-led discussion.

Watch the webinar to hear about their strategies for:

  • Gaining buy-in for quality initiatives
  • Achieving visible time-to-market gains
  • Phasing in adoption across huge globally-distributed organizations
  • Maximizing engagement without overwhelming staff
  • Tying quality progress into the company’s strategic goals

Tatiana Salazar, IT Manager, Experian

Amber Woods, VP of Enterprise IT and Platforms at Tyson

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