Tricentis + SAP Activate

Deliver complex SAP changes with confidence

For an SAP modernization project to proceed on time and on budget, you need fast feedback to verify that each round of changes achieves the desired result — without creating downstream errors. Tricentis’ proven Continuous Testing Framework complements the SAP Activate methodology, specifying the quality engineering steps to take at each phase, so you keep SAP transformation on track – whether you are just getting started or already running on S/4HANA.


Outline test strategy & scope

Your quality engineering journey starts here. Now is the time to assess your quality maturity and identify any gaps that could delay your current or future projects. By designing the high-level test architecture and your overall testing strategy, you will create guardrails that keep your project on track.



Address gaps in your toolset

At this stage, you will address the gaps in your testing strategy that you identified in the last phase, integrating any new tools into your infrastructure and onboarding your teams. By implementing the right tooling, you will set your teams up for successfully deploying changes to continuously evolving SAP and connected third-party systems.

Change intelligence

Tricentis LiveCompare pinpoints the risks in any change to your SAP systems, identifying exactly what to test.

End-to-end test automation

Tricentis Tosca optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of your SAP landscape with codeless, model-based technology.

Performance testing

Tricentis NeoLoad automates performance testing for all your SAP applications, ensuring updated apps will scale and perform under load.

Data integrity testing

Tricentis Data Integrity offers an automated process that can verify massive amounts of data, ensuring updates, upgrades, and migrations don’t negatively impact your data.

Test management

Tricentis qTest offers scalable test management, operations, and analytics to centralize testing and orchestrate quality at speed.

Test automation recorder

The Tricentis Automation Recording Assistant gives business users an easy way to record their day-to-day activities that can then be converted into automated test cases.


Identify risks and create your test plan

During this phase, teams should examine their system, end-to-end, to identify any errors or failures that could occur during a change, upgrade, or large-scale migration. Equipped with this knowledge, you can then begin to create a comprehensive test case library, capable of vetting your entire SAP system and its integrations. You may find you need to leverage a change intelligence solution to uncover hidden risks and identify gaps in your test plan.

Tricentis LiveCompare - Change intelligence for SAP


Implement intelligent quality engineering solutions

With your test scope clearly defined, you can now confidently prepare test cases to address identified gaps in your existing test plan. Our quality engineering solutions can help you adopt a risk-based approach, easily perform impact analysis, reuse functional tests as performance tests, execute test audits, and utilize release assurance technology to cover your functional, performance, and data integrity testing requirements throughout your modernization journey.

Tricentis Tosca - Intelligent test automation


Confirm go/no-go decisions

As you prepare for deployment, it’s time to validate that you’ve conducted all of your critical tests using your quality engineering toolset. A test management solution implemented in the Prepare step can give you the insights needed to perform a final check to ensure your unit, system integration, end-to-end, user acceptance, performance, and other testing types have passed. Teams can then make a confident go/no-go decision before deployment.

Tricentis qTest - SAP test management


Ensure ongoing success

If you’ve followed the steps above, there will be little or no need for hypercare following deployment. Instead, use this time to prepare for the next stage: Improving your testing practices to unlock new capabilities, utilize the latest functionality, and conduct ongoing change intelligence to ensure continuous quality for any SAP project, at every stage of the journey.

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