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Tricentis for the energy industry

For energy and utility companies, balancing modern and legacy applications and the expectations of users, regulators, and stakeholders can make software testing feel like a roadblock. Tricentis is here to simplify and streamline the process.

Centralized test management

Large energy companies often use a variety of tools to test and develop software, which makes cross-team collaboration tough. Tricentis centralizes test management to bring teams together with the tools they already use, making it easy for anyone to gain visibility into testing initiatives. The result? Easier collaboration, increased efficiency, and more accuracy.


  • Plan, manage, and track testing activities across tools and teams
  • Integrate with your existing project tools such as Jira and Jenkins
  • Share detailed reports from commercial, open source, and custom testing tools

End-to-end data integrity testing

Tricentis Data Integrity provides a powerful way to eliminate data integrity issues before they do any damage or catch the eye of regulators. Our end-to-end automation covers everything from the integrity of the data fed into your system, to the accuracy of integrations, transformations, and migrations, to the verification of report logic and presentation.

Leading energy enterprises trust Tricentis

With NeoLoad frameworks, the ‘rules’ change the parameters automatically and correctly for each test iteration. So the [update maintenance] effort is not as great as with JMeter. We have reduced the maintenance for each test set from 20 man-days to four to five hours. We’ve gone from executing four test cases a year to about 365 — a 90X increase. And we now cover 7X more systems.

Arnab Mukherjee

Manager Enterprise Applications


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