BlueYonder testing solutions

Empowering BlueYonder with Tricentis' automated testing solutions

In today’s fast-paced market, managing your supply chain and retail operations with BlueYonder demands agility, accuracy, and efficiency. Tricentis turbocharges your BlueYonder applications, ensuring your business can adapt to market changes swiftly, reduce risks, and achieve unparalleled operational excellence.

BlueYonder test automation solutions


Navigate supply chain complexities with confidence

Transform supply chain challenges into opportunities with Tricentis.

Rapid market changes

Stay ahead with Tricentis’ AI-driven testing automation, reducing manual effort and ensuring your test readiness for each release.

Supply chain disruptions

Mitigate risks with comprehensive end-to-end testing, from procurement to delivery.

Inventory data validation

Ensure accuracy and efficiency of data for inventory management through automated testing.

Use cases

Automating retail planning workflows

Optimize your retail planning and execution with Tricentis Tosca, reducing time-to-market for new strategies and promotions. Automate complex retail workflows to ensure that your changes to promotional planning and product placement strategies are executed flawlessly. Quickly validate new releases of your retail strategies across all channels to maximize usability and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain resilience testing

Build a resilient supply chain with end-to-end testing, from manufacturing to delivery, ensuring seamless operations before any release. Avoid supply chain disruptions by testing and improving your quality strategies, minimizing impact on operations. Enhance supply chain visibility and collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure a swift response to any defects.

“Increasing delivery speed was critical for our business, but we couldn’t get there with manual testing alone. We needed new tools that could help us accelerate testing — to industrialize it.”

Galaad Lepaul

Head of Test Automation

Colas Digital Solutions


Product capabilities

Optimize your BlueYonder implementation with Tricentis' suite of products

Leverage the full potential of Tricentis’ product suite tailored for BlueYonder.

Model-based test automation

Accelerate testing with model-based test automation, ensuring quick adaptation to BlueYonder updates.

Enterprise test management

Enhance test management and collaboration across teams for a unified approach to quality.

Performance testing under load

Validate the performance of your BlueYonder solutions under various load conditions, ensuring scalability.

Ensure data integrity

Guarantee the accuracy of your supply chain data, from inventory levels to shipping details.

Transform your BlueYonder journey with Tricentis

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