Testing solutions for IFS applications

Efficiently manage your IFS applications with confidence

Navigating the complexities of IFS applications requires robust testing strategies that align with your business goals. At Tricentis, we understand the challenges you face—from ensuring system reliability to managing seamless upgrades. Our testing solutions are designed to help your organization maximize the benefits of your IFS investments.



Overcome the complexities of IFS applications

Organizations that depend on IFS must manage not only the inherent intricacies of their ERP system but also stay ahead of frequent updates and strict regulatory requirements. Tricentis understands these challenges deeply, offering tailored solutions that empower your team to safeguard business processes, minimize risks, and maintain operational continuity.

Ensuring reliable upgrades and migrations

IFS applications, particularly when custom-configured, can be complex to upgrade. Tricentis ensures that your transitions are smooth and error-free, helping you avoid costly downtime.

Maintaining system integrity with frequent updates

With IFS’s quarterly updates, maintaining system integrity is crucial. Our solutions for automated testing help to ensure that new features work without intense manual effort.

Ensuring compliance with industry regulations

Many IFS users operate in highly regulated industries. Tricentis helps ensure proper test evidence and documentation, keeping your IFS applications compliant, reducing the risk of costly legal issues.

Use cases

Seamless ERP upgrade

IFS upgrades can be challenging, often involving extensive data migration and reconfiguration. With Tricentis Tosca, you can automate regression testing for every critical module and business process, reducing test cycles from weeks to days. This comprehensive testing framework ensures all customizations and integrations remain functional, enabling a seamless transition that avoids unexpected disruptions.

Deliver high-quality data

Data quality is vital, especially in regulated industries like manufacturing or energy. Tricentis Data Integrity allows you to continuously validate your data flows, detecting anomalies prior to any release. By automating these tests, you ensure that your financial, operational, and customer data remain accurate, reliable, and compliant with global regulations. This safeguards your business from potential reporting discrepancies and reputational risks.

“Increasing delivery speed was critical for our business, but we couldn’t get there with manual testing alone. We needed new tools that could help us accelerate testing — to industrialize it.”

Galaad Lepaul

Head of Test Automation

Colas Digital Solutions


Product capabilities

Elevate your testing strategy with Tricentis

Whether you require automated testing to maintain the integrity of critical workflows, performance testing to handle seasonal demands, or test management to keep everything aligned, our integrated platform can handle it all. This unified approach ensures consistent quality and efficiency across your ERP landscape, letting you focus on driving business growth.

Model-based test automation

Reduce manual testing efforts with automated, model-based testing for IFS.

Enterprise test management

Gain visibility and control over testing processes, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.

Performance testing under load

Perform stress tests on your IFS applications to ensure they can handle real-world load scenarios.

Safeguard data integrity

Maintain the accuracy and integrity of your IFS data across complex landscapes.

Ready to transform your IFS application testing?

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