nCino banking solutions

Maximizing efficiency in banking with Tricentis and nCino

In the ever-evolving financial sector, delivering seamless banking experiences while managing compliance demands a robust solution. Tricentis amplifies the power of nCino’s Bank Operating System, streamlining your banking processes to enhance efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.



Simplify complexity, achieve compliance

Elevate your banking operations with strategic testing solutions from Tricentis.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with evolving regulations through Tricentis’ continuous testing, by providing automated tests which align with business risk and create clear documentation.

Loan processing efficiency

Accelerate loan origination and processing workflows with automated testing, reducing time-to-approval and enhancing customer experience.

System integration

Achieve seamless system integration within the nCino ecosystem, ensuring all components work harmoniously for optimal operation efficiency before any release or update.

Use cases

Regulatory compliance testing

Navigate the complex landscape of banking regulations with ease. Tricentis ensures proper test evidence for your nCino environment so that it remains compliant, reducing manual efforts for audits, and mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.

End-to-end loan origination testing

End-to-end loan origination testing

Transform loan origination and processing from a bottleneck into a competitive advantage. Automate end-to-end testing of your loan processing workflows within nCino, shortening system validation times, and enhancing the borrower’s experience.

“Increasing delivery speed was critical for our business, but we couldn’t get there with manual testing alone. We needed new tools that could help us accelerate testing — to industrialize it.”

Galaad Lepaul

Head of Test Automation

Colas Digital Solutions


Product capabilities

Empower your nCino environment with Tricentis

Discover the synergy between Tricentis and nCino for banking excellence.

Model-based test automation

Drive agility in banking operations with model-based test automation, ensuring your nCino system evolves without disruption.

Enterprise test management

Manage your testing processes with enhanced visibility and control, aligning your testing strategy with business objectives.

Ensure data integrity

Safeguard your data flows within the nCino ecosystem, from account openings to transaction processing, ensuring accuracy and trust.

Revolutionize your banking operations with Tricentis and nCino

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