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Modernizing the delivery of student services with test automation

The COVID-19 pandemic permanently altered the ways of working and learning for educational institutions across the country. Automated testing has been and will continue to be indispensable to driving educational innovation and continuing student support. Manual software testing is inadequate to support successful modernization and digital transformation initiatives to improve student services delivery. Reliable and up-to-date applications are crucial for K-12 and higher education institutions to deliver seamless experiences for students, parents, faculty, and alumni.


The Tricentis low-code approach enables schools and universities to scale automated testing, reduce application delivery times, mitigate risk, and embrace digital transformation for the applications, processes and data students rely on for exceptional experiences.

Customer experience

Deliver quality software for frictionless student experiences

Online retail experiences have set high standards for user experiences. Now every student, parent, faculty, and alumni user expect a quick, seamless, and reliable online interaction with their school or university – every time. Faulty online portals, school information systems, and inaccessible services aren’t just frustrating, they block students and other constituents from utilizing essential services from enrollment and class registration to healthcare benefits.

With Tricentis, K-12 and higher education institutions can fully deliver on student expectations with applications that are tested to be functional, effective, and accessible. Low-code automated testing ensures applications work every time students or other constituents need to access them. By helping you harness the power of AI, Tricentis speeds UI testing for your student and alumni-facing websites—so you can write resilient tests, minimize maintenance, and deliver quality experiences in less time.

With Tricentis you can be confident your updated software or digital services deliver modern, frictionless student experiences.

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Modernization and transformation

Accelerate IT modernization with automated testing

Students and staff depend on effective software for research, virtual or in-class coursework, and more. Delays and downtime hinder learning, frustrate students and faculty, and are not an option when implementing IT modernization and digital transformation projects. With rising student expectations and the adoption of cloud applications and DevSecOps, manual software testing can’t support the speed needed for modernization and digital transformation initiatives to be successful.

Tricentis’ low-code, automated testing lets schools and educational institutions test and deliver applications at DevSecOps speed. Our tools are easy to leverage for both business users and developers and can result in up to 10 times faster testing cycles. As K-12 and higher education institutions accelerate digital transformation, automated testing provides faster delivery of quality applications to meet students’ rising digital expectations.

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Centralize testing and orchestrate quality at mission speed

Schools and higher education institutions have limited resources, often operate in silos, and face a shortage of IT talent. All of this can make testing and software quality engineering slower, disjointed, and resource intensive.

Tricentis is uniquely suited to the needs of K-12 and higher education software quality engineering with products that centralize testing, orchestrate quality and speed, and offer visibility throughout the entire development lifecycle. We help siloed teams achieve clarity in their testing. With Tricentis, schools and educational institutions gain a complete view of their testing from planning to production – allowing them to standardize, scale, and ensure quality while delivering on student expectations faster.

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Performance testing

Test performance at DevSecOps speed

Students demand quick, seamless, and reliable digital experiences — from class registration to meal plan sign-up. When they use an application they expect it to work flawlessly. The influx of students each semester puts pressure on applications at critical times in the student journey and manual testing is not sufficient to keep up.

Tricentis simplifies and scales performance and load testing so K-12 and higher education institutions can continuously meet student needs, even as they modernize and transform. Our solutions support resilient, scalable and reliable applications during production to ensure a quality end-user experience. We test for performance issues early in the development process at the API level, detecting issues when they’re easy to fix. We then hit the full application with high load in an end-to-end testing environment, which simulates what the end user will experience under different types of demanding conditions.

As a result, schools and universities can continuously improve how students experience their services while delivering quality software at DevSecOps speed.

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Data integrity

Ensure data integrity to maintain trust

As K-12 and higher education institutions integrate data from more sources there’s greater risk that a discrepancy could impact their operations and student outcomes. This could disrupt student services, alumni engagement, impact compliance, and degrade student and alumni trust.

Tricentis’ automated data testing helps ensure your analytical and operational data remains intact and fit for use as it moves across your institution’s IT landscape. Our unique capabilities allow us to test data at every point in its journey — from source systems to your data warehouse, to a final report or visualization. To foster trust, K-12 and higher education institutions must ensure their data is high quality, accurate, compliant, and complete.

By ensuring integrity at every touchpoint, Tricentis helps schools and universities deliver experiences that build and maintain student trust.

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Intelligent test automation


Test management and analytics


Performance testing

Data Integrity

Data integrity testing


Customer-facing web apps