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Modernizing state and local services delivery with test automation

As part of their modernization efforts, state and local agencies are embracing digital transformation, low-code test automation, and DevSecOps to deliver software and services to accelerate their missions. Transformation and modernization initiatives like these require seamless and comprehensive software testing.


Tricentis gives agencies the automated capabilities to deliver quality software at DevSecOps speed. A leader in continuous testing and quality engineering, we enable modernization and transformation by helping agencies test and validate applications with less time and risk — so they can provide the modern experiences citizens expect.

Modernization and transformation

Accelerate modernization with results-based testing solutions

For state and local governments, modernization is a top priority to improve citizen services. But with smaller budgets and limited resources, agencies must be able to continuously test and develop modern applications with leaner IT teams.

Tricentis supports these initiatives with low-code, automated testing solutions. These give agencies the power to rapidly scale their software testing to improve test coverage, accelerate application delivery, and reduce risk — no matter their team’s size. Our tools are easy to leverage for both business users and developers, resulting in shorter testing cycles, less burden on IT teams, lower costs, and faster delivery.

As a result, state and local governments can digitally transform in less time while staying responsive and Agile to meet their constituents’ needs.

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Customer experience

Create quality digital experiences that exceed citizen expectations

E-commerce platforms have set the standard for quick, seamless, and reliable online experiences. Now, citizens expect the same kind of digital experience from the government services they rely on — especially when they involve important tasks like applying for health or employment benefits or renewing a driver license.

As your agency digitally transforms to provide this experience, you can’t be hindered by siloed, outdated software testing. Tricentis’ test automation and low-code approach let you rapidly scale your automated testing to improve test coverage and accelerate software delivery. We’ll help you harness the power of AI to speed UI testing for your citizen-facing sites — letting you write resilient tests, minimize maintenance, and deliver quality experiences in less time.

By ensuring your applications are functional, effective, and accessible, Tricentis equips your agency to exceed citizen expectations.

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Centralize testing and orchestrate quality at speed

A centralized testing approach is key to modernization and transformation. But when state services and systems vary from city to county, bringing them all together can be a complex challenge.

Tricentis centralizes test management and orchestration across state and local organizations. We help siloed teams achieve clarity in their testing — giving them a single place to manage exploratory and manual testing, schedule and orchestrate automated tests, and analyze quality and release readiness. With Tricentis, state and local agencies gain a complete view of their testing from planning to production —allowing them to standardize, scale, and ensure quality while delivering on citizen expectations faster.

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Data integrity

Ensure data integrity to strengthen public trust

The integrity of your data can directly affect the citizen experience. As state and local governments integrate more data from more sources, there’s greater risk that a discrepancy could impact their operations and citizen outcomes. This could disrupt critical services and ultimately degrade citizen trust.

Tricentis’ automated data testing helps ensure your analytical and operational data remains intact and fit for use as it moves across your IT landscape. Our unique capabilities allow us to test data at every point in its journey — from source systems to your data warehouse, to a final report or visualization. By ensuring integrity at every touchpoint, Tricentis helps state and local agencies deliver higher quality experiences that build — and maintain — citizen trust.

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Performance testing

Test performance at DevSecOps speed

No matter how fast you develop, your applications still need to work smoothly under any circumstances — including traffic spikes and stress periods. For state and local agencies using a DevSecOps approach, manual performance testing simply isn’t fast enough. It cannot validate your applications’ stability, reliability, and accessibility at a moment’s notice — especially in emergency situations when citizens need them most.

Tricentis simplifies and scales performance and load testing so agencies can continuously meet citizen needs, even as they modernize. Our solutions help deliver responsive, scalable, and reliable applications during production to ensure a quality end-user experience. We test for performance issues early in the development process at the API level, detecting issues when they’re easy to fix. We then hit the full application with high load in an end-to-end testing environment, which simulates what the end user will experience under different types of demanding conditions.

As a result, state and local agencies can continuously improve how citizens experience their services while delivering quality software at DevSecOps speed.

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Data Integrity

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