Automated testing solutions for the Visma portfolio

Elevate software release efficiency and quality with Tricentis testing solutions

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the Visma portfolio stands out due to their expansive selection of robust applications that enable organizations of all sizes to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. Tricentis validates these capabilities, ensuring businesses can leverage the solution’s full potential by mitigating risks and accelerating delivery through comprehensive testing solutions.



Navigating complexity, ensuring reliability

Visma’s diverse range of enterprise solutions, from ERP and HRM to CRM, presents unique testing challenges. These include complex business workflows, integrations across various modules, and the need for rapid updates without disrupting business operations. Tricentis helps you face these head-on by ensuring each configuration or customization is supported across your business workflows.

Navigate complexity with confidence

Modernizing or expanding how you use Visma applications? Our solutions navigate the complexities of your company’s application ecosystems and updates, resulting in seamless transitions.

Fast track development with automation

Manual testing slows you down. Microsoft Excel is not a testing platform. Our automated testing solutions accelerate your Visma application upgrades, reducing risk and enhancing productivity.

Achieve comprehensive coverage

Struggle with test coverage? Our platform ensures your software solutions are tested thoroughly to help create exceptional user experiences.

Use cases

Streamline your financial operations with automation

Automate testing for Visma’s financial modules to help you verify financial reporting and compliance. This automation not only streamlines business workflows but also significantly reduces the time and resources required for manual testing, allowing teams to focus on strategic financial analysis and planning.

Optimize the integrity of HR and payroll processes

Validate the integrity and performance of your Visma HR and payroll systems, from onboarding to payroll processing, ensuring a seamless employee experience. This comprehensive validation provides you with the confidence that your HR processes are efficient, compliant, and capable of handling the dynamic needs of your workforce, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction.

The ability to automatically expose data impacts—as soon as they enter our systems—is vital to maintaining our competitive advantage, as well our regulatory compliance.

Stephen Fishwick

Director, Head of DWH, MI and Archiving, Enterprise and Data Solutions


Product capabilities

Tricentis and Visma solutions: a winning combination

Discover the breadth of Tricentis’ product capabilities designed to cater to the unique needs of your Visma applications. Our suite of tools offers everything from automated and continuous testing to performance and data integrity checks, equipping your team with the resources to tackle any testing challenge.

Model-based test automation

Accelerate Visma testing with a streamlined approach that adapts to application changes, enhancing test creation and maintenance efficiency.

Enterprise test management

Gain comprehensive insights into your testing processes with advanced analytics, improving decision-making and project outcomes.

Performance testing under load

Identify and resolve Visma performance issues before they affect users, ensuring robustness and scalability.

Sustained data integrity

Verify the accuracy and reliability of Visma data, facilitating data-driven decisions with confidence.

Ready to transform how you test and deploy Visma software?

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