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The SAP environment and applications form the technology hub for many organizations. Out of the world’s 500 largest companies, 94 percent are SAP customers. The typical enterprise portfolio includes 2,000 to 3,000 applications in production—and an average transaction touches 83 different technologies.

This complex, dynamic IT landscape presents significant challenges for QA teams. In joint research conducted by ASUG and Tricentis in August 2020, we found that:

Believe updating SAP systems puts business processes at risk. 

Report that updates
take longer than desirable.

Are concerned about
the cost associated
with updating SAP.

The good news is that there are technologies and methodologies that can minimize the risk of maintaining, upgrading, or migrating your SAP implementation. Here are the steps to taking control of your SAP QA processes.

This article will describe how you can accelerate your SAP QA processes by using the right strategies and tools provided in the Continuous Testing Framework and with SAP Activate.
SAP Activate is a development methodology designed to help you implement your SAP solutions. Within this set of practices, RISE with SAP can help you get up and running with cloud SAP solutions.

As you use RISE with SAP, you will want testing and quality assurance to be an efficient part of your efforts. To that end, we have overlayed the capabilities of the Continuous Testing Framework (CTF) with the RISE with SAP methodology to help you bring testing tools into your delivery process as early as possible.

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