Service Virtualization

On average, enterprise systems are comprised of approximately 40 internal or external systems. During the application development phase, it is likely that a certain percentage of the systems are either unavailable or have yet to be fully developed. Testing the enterprise systems often means spending a significant amount of time and effort using test labs to manually build test stubs that mimic actions and the behavior of missing services.

Service Virtualization

Tricentis Tosca’s Service Virtualization simulates the behavior of the remote services you need. It records messages between remote services and bases the simulation of remote services on them during testing. Object-oriented modelling of messages eliminates the maintenance trap of conventional approaches.

  • Defines intelligent messages
  • Synthetic virtualization
  • Provides tailored test data
Service Virtualization graphic

Service Orchestration

Tricentis Tosca Orchestrate enables you to simulate sequences of message exchanges between multiple participants and simulates the behaviour of the remote service you need. A complex (stateful) business scenario can be seen by observing the message flow (synchronous, asynchronous) between system components and analyzing the content of the exchanged messages. The ability to define and execute a sequence of message exchanges to simulate stateful behavior of a system is one of the most powerful and prominent features unique to Tosca Orchestrate.

Service Orchestration graphic

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Tricentis Tosca Integration

A tight integration with Tricentis Tosca means being able to connect the missing link between front-end and back-end. Creating instances using Tricentis Tosca’s Test Data Management allows enterprises to run end-to-end testing with re-usable user stories. If new data is available, Tricentis Tosca can easily update all instances with only a click of a button. Easy maintenance without the need for technical knowledge.

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Effortless Verification & Analysis

Complex business processes often have thousands, if not millions of messages which communicate together to help an application run. Manually checking these messages would take forever. OSV is able to upload these messages to Tricentis Tosca in bulk, where faulty messages or messages out of their pre-defined order are automatically detected and reported in full detail.

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Supported Technologies

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Software Test Management & Execution

Tosca Application Programming Interface

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