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The consumerization of software is here. Smartphones are everywhere. Users expect mobile apps to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and above all, bug-free. Analysts predict that the tablets will soon surpass desktops and laptops. All of a sudden, testing teams are worried not only about the underlying technology but also about different user experience concepts.

Tosca Mobile+ enables your testing organization to test mobile apps, cross-OS and cross-device. But this isn’t the full story: what makes Tosca Mobile+ unique is that it combines this capability with the end-to-end, model-based approach that has helped so many organizations test achieve risk coverage of upwards of 90% with Tricentis.

Tricentis Tosca Mobile+ reduces risk by testing your app in your E2E ecosystem.

Apps don’t stand alone – they’re built on top of existing infrastructure. Under the mobile UI, the web services layer is working to deliver and accept data – this is where you should start your testing. We designed Tricentis Tosca Mobile+ with the knowledge that your mobile app is just one link in your whole E2E chain.

Simplify mobile testing with the Tricentis model-based, script-free approach.

Your testing organization is under more pressure than ever, and you don’t have time to wonder about things like date-pickers and complex table constructs. Tricentis Tosca Mobile+ creates a model of your app so you don’t have to worry about the underlying technology.

Reduced time-to-market

The same thing applies to cross-OS and cross-device: the same test cases that work for iOS work for Android. And this goes for different Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, and more. This means you worry less about keeping up with every change in the mobile market and more about driving your own business innovation.

Simplify mobile testing with the Tricentis model-based, script-free approach Graphic

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Key Features

Test your app in all current Android and iOS versions
90% of the mobile market is divided between iOS and Android. Our solution supports all current versions of iOS (from 5.0) and Android (from 2.2).

Integrate physical devices and emulators into your tests
Tricentis Tosca Mobile+ was designed to work with physical devices: smartphones, tablets, and any device running iOS or Android. Test with emulators, too.

Test with flexibility
Mobile apps are still a new phenomenon – chances are, your UX designers are keen on trying out innovative usability and visualization concepts. You can extend and customize Tosca Mobile+ to test all those great new ideas.

Native apps? Hybrid apps? HTML5 Apps? No problem
Leverage the unique Model-Based Tricentis approach to test native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android. Testing teams don’t need technical expertise to automate test cases, even when testing mobile devices. This gives your testing experts the time to concentrate on what’s most important – finding and defining the right test scenarios rather than solving test automation problems.Read more about Model-Based Test Automation and how the Tricentis approach helps your testing team avoid the maintenance trap.

Integrate your mobile testing into a first-class enterprise tool suite
Instead of relying on a series of stand-alone programs for each part of your enterprise landscape, you can test all processes from end-to-end with Tricentis Tosca and Tricentis Tosca Mobile+. From the backend business layer, through the web service or database interface, all the way to the iPhone you’re holding in your hand, you can follow your entire data flow with Tricentis Tosca.


Installation TypeOn-premises
Object RecognitionTechnical IDs
Support cross-device/cross-OSYes
Support for emulatorsYes
Support for real devicesYes
Support Tethered (USB)Yes
Support WIFIYes
Supported App TypesNative, Hybrid, Web
Supported mobile OSAndroid

Reporting & Dashboards

Technology Integration

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