Tricentis Copilot

See these FAQs to learn about how Tricentis Copilot solutions use generative AI and handle customer data responsibly.


How do Tricentis Copilot solutions work?

Tricentis Copilot solutions integrate the power of Azure OpenAI Service with Tricentis products. Tricentis Copilot solutions are designed to enhance user productivity in testing and accelerate the delivery of high-quality software without compromising the privacy of your data.

Which AI models are used in Tricentis Copilot solutions?

For details on the AI models used in each product, see the applicable product annex available here.

Why was Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service selected as the AI service for Tricentis Copilot solutions?

Microsoft is our trusted provider for AI services as Microsoft provides enterprise level data privacy and data security compliance. Microsoft maintains a multi-jurisdictional AI compliance program for its AI services.

Did Tricentis follow any trust principles when building Copilot solutions?

Tricentis is focused on ensuring responsible and trustworthy use of AI in our products. We were guided by the AI principles from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which include transparency, privacy adherence, human control, fair application and accountability. Additionally, we adhere in good faith to the Code of Conduct for Azure OpenAI Service.

Is customer data used to further train AI models?

No. Customer data is not used to train Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service models.

How does Microsoft use customer data?

Microsoft temporarily stores Tricentis Copilot inputs and output content to provide meaningful human oversight and to monitor for and prevent abusive uses or outputs of the Azure OpenAI Service.

How does Tricentis use customer data?

Tricentis uses and analyzes Tricentis Copilot inputs and output content, including customer feedback and data about how our customers use Tricentis Copilot solutions. This information is used to provide benchmarking information, improve Tricentis Copilot solutions, and to develop new features, products, and services. Additionally, Tricentis provides meaningful human oversight to monitor for and prevent abusive uses or outputs of the Tricentis Copilot solutions.

Can other customers view or access your data?

No. Your data is not visible to, or accessible by, other customers.

Do customers own the IP in the outputs of Tricentis Copilot products?

To the extent permitted by law, customers own the IP in the outputs generated as result of their authorized use of Tricentis Copilot solutions. Customers should be aware that Tricentis Copilot output may not be eligible for intellectual property protection under applicable laws.

What terms apply to use of Tricentis Copilot solutions?

Use of Tricentis Copilot solutions is subject to the Tricentis General Terms of Use and the Tricentis AI Solutions Product-Specific Terms. Tricentis Copilot solutions also may incorporate technology from third party providers that requires Tricentis to pass through additional terms to our customers. These third-party policies are available here.

Does the Tricentis Data Processing Addendum apply to Tricentis Copilot solutions?

Yes. Our Data Processing Addendum applies to all Tricentis products and services, including Tricentis Copilot solutions. Tricentis is committed to processing and transferring your data in accordance with global data protection laws.

How will using Tricentis Copilot solutions impact compliance with data laws such as GDPR?

Tricentis is committed to helping our customers stay compliant with GDPR and EU country-level data privacy requirements, as well as other global data privacy laws. For our products with regionalized cloud services, Customer administrators will have the opportunity to select geographic region – European Union, United States or Australia – when setting up Tricentis Copilot solutions.