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We’re #1. There’s a reason for that.

Tricentis offers a new and fundamentally different way to tackle software testing, dramatically accelerating digital transformation, application delivery, and cloud migration.

Our approach

Our approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. It addresses both agile development and complex enterprise apps, increasing software delivery speed, reducing costs, and improving quality. Now, testing takes just minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, while being far more cost effective and highly accurate, increasing your enterprise risk coverage. This kind of enterprise automation drives massive efficiency and speed gains. And the power of digital transformation becomes abundantly clear.

Technology you can trust

It’s simple. Our end-to-end automation platform is built for the enterprise from the ground up — not cobbled together from various solutions and software. Whether it’s advanced, no-code automation or complete enterprise reporting and analytics, you’ll rest easy knowing you made a smart choice.

We’re the undisputed leader.

With over 2,100 customers around the world, Tricentis is the leader in enterprise test automation. We’re the only vendor in the category to achieve leader status in all the top analyst reports, including Gartner (5 years in a row), Forrester, and IDC.


Achieve resilient, end-to-end test automation across any architecture or application stack at scale by tapping our native support for more than 160 applications and technologies—from on-prem to the cloud, mainframes and microservices.

Keep the test.
Eliminate the code.

Our AI-driven and model-based approach enables anyone from developers to business experts to achieve automation—while eliminating the maintenance headache that typically erodes these initiatives.

Report globally.
Fix centrally.

Enjoy complete, end-to-end visibility across all the tools in your software delivery lifecycle. Centralized reporting—from user-story creation to code commit to test execution—speeds up remediation while helping prevent errors in the first place.

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The Tricentis complete end-to-end Continuous Testing platform

We provide automated testing and real-time business risk insight across your entire DevOps pipeline, dramatically accelerating software releases, reducing costs, and improving software quality.

Our platform is:
Totally automated
Accelerating all phases of testing, from unit to performance.

Fully codeless
Making it easy for non-technical business users and team members to use.

Leveraging advanced ML technologies to enable faster, smarter testing.

Tricentis qTest

Unified test management

Centralized test management unifies, manages, and rapidly scales testing across your enterprise.

Tricentis LiveCompare

Smart impact analysis

Smart impact analysis powered by Risk AI ensures you always know exactly what to test to de-risk SAP changes.

Test Automation for ServiceNow

App-native testing

Automated testing for ServiceNow applications and workflows built on the NOW Platform.

Tricentis Tosca

Intelligent test automation

Codeless test automation powered by Vision AI optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of all your enterprise, mobile, and cloud-native applications.

Tricentis NeoLoad

Performance testing

Simple and scalable performance testing for everything from APIs and microservices to end-to-end application testing.

Tricentis Data Integrity

Data integrity testing

Automated end-to-end data integrity testing that works across your data landscape to prevent costly data migration, integration, and reporting issues.

Tricentis Analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Unified testing data and insights available in real-time on your favorite analytics and data warehouse platforms

The Tricentis platform provides:

Full testing lifecycle
A common information model enables seamless collaboration of developers, testers, and business users on a common set of test cases, plans, data, and artifacts.

AI-powered ​
Advanced ML technologies such as Vision AI, Self-healing AI and Risk AI enable teams to test smarter, faster, and reduce the business risk of application changes. 

Complete traceability and coverage of business requirements to production deployments with our best-in-class Jira and DevOps ecosystem integrations.

Open platform
Extensive support and orchestration of a broad range of open-source and commercial technologies.​

Real-time analytics
Comprehensive visibility and insights of all your testing activities in one place with our reporting and data warehouse integrations.​

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