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Tricentis Academy

Take your skills to the next level with training & certification

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The Tricentis Academy Team is here to make navigating your Tricentis products a breeze. Whether you’re just getting started, mid-level, or a seasoned pro, we have training to accommodate your needs!

Many ways to learn

Online or in-person. Live or on-demand. Self-guided or instructor-led. By product, by role or by skill level. A lunch break’s worth of time or a multi-day deep-dive class.
We’ve got you covered every way you learn best to help you toward your goals.


These quick, on-demand training videos cover both basic concepts and introduce advanced topics to help improve your daily work. They are also useful, lightweight ways to refresh your memory and supplement our heavier coursework options.

Live events

Join us live online or in-person for webinars, public courses, and virtual classroom training opportunities. Take advantage of the time to ask questions and hear the latest and greatest straight from our experts.


A Tricentis certification is your competitive advantage and serves as proof of your qualifications and expertise. With our extensive, world-class certification program, customers will instantly know your platform quality and expertise.

Hands-on courses

Delivered as self-guided or instructor-led, we offer a number of courses to choose from focused around role-based learning and specific product topics. We have introductory-level courses to get you started, and special topic courses for those looking to go even further. Many courses offer certification options or get you closer by covering prerequisites.

“I enjoyed the way the product was presented through interesting use case examples. It provided me with more insight.”

Mukesh Dhadse, User Testimonial

Looking to get more for your team?

Send us a note, and let’s chat about how we can help your team reach their goals.


YouTube channel

Playlists and series curated specifically to cover specific functionality in bite-sized videos.

Training partners

Several partners provide additional training assistance

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Join our forums

Start up discussions with industry peers on forums, or check out the knowledge base.

“The training was very useful and informative, I learned a lot and took in a lot of information.”

Abhishek Kumbhare, User Testimonial

Tricentis Academic Alliance

Our worldwide network of leading Universities, Research Institutions, Foundations and Think-Tanks has made an enduring impact on educational communities in the field of test automation. We empower students and educators by delivering world-class training on automation and design tailor-made curricula based on the Tricentis Continuous Testing platform.