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Micro Learning Resources

We offer a diversity of free online micro learning opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in Tricentis products. View our MOOCs, YouTube videos, Resource Centre, Knowledge Base and much more.

Tricentis Certification

We offer core certifications to validate your qualifications and expertise as an Automation Specialist, Test Design Specialist, Automation Engineer, Test Architect, and specialized certification in SAP, BI, Tosca Integration and much more. Have a look at our learning paths to find suitable training.


14 role-based courses


80% of coursework is "hands-on"


90,000+ certifications


175+ core videos


22+ hours of specialty courses


35,000+ certified users

Tricentis Certification

A Tricentis Tosca certification is your competitive advantage and serves as proof of your qualifications and expertise. With the Tricentis Certification, customers will know that quality and expertise.

Micro Learning Resources

User Tutorials

One-hour live sessions with an Academy trainer and a Tricentis Expert exploring a specific area of Tricentis Tosca and how to use the functionality in your daily work.

YouTube Tricentis Academy Channel

Multi-video playlists available on the Quick Set Up Guide, API, Tosca and Flood and Tosca in a Heartbeat Series, bite-sized videos covering a specific functionality of Tosca.

Resource Center

Get the latest and most updated videos, courses and MOOCs instantly in the Resource Center to grow your Tosca knowledge beyond the Training courses.

Knowledge Base

With over 3,400 different entries, this Library contains Guides, Manuals, Best Practice guides, Troubleshooting and a plethora of information for our user community.

Tricentis User Community

A collection of resources such as Tricentis forums, documentation, tutorials and other online communities where users can ask questions, collaborate, learn and share Tricentis testing expertise.

Classroom Trainings and Workshops


Accelerate Pre-Conference Courses

Join our training courses on Tosca Best Practices, Automation, RPA, qTest and more, taking place at Fleming’s Conference Hotel November 11 & 12 before the Accelerate Vienna Conference. You will receive a complimentary 2-day pass to Accelerate automatically included with any training (€295 value).


Instructor-led Trainings in India

Did you know we offer free classroom training covering all relevant topics on Tricentis products in our Pune-based office? Check out the scheduled dates and location including extensive coverage of topics on advanced Tosca practices and more. Send an email to the organizer to enroll.


Onsite Training

Onsite training courses are held by our experienced trainers and consultants over a period of several days at pre-arranged times and locations. Gain hands-on training on Tricentis products with groups of up to 10 participants including self-paced and tailored learning modules. You can request onsite training from a form on any of our training course description pages.

Partner & User Testimonials



“With the certification in multiple tools of the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform, the Tricentis Academy enabled our employees to ensure a high level of quality in our automation projects. It is a crucial part of our enablement program and highly recommended for everybody working with Tricentis Tosca.”


– Thomas Neubacher
Head of Automation Services
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“As an IT Consultant with a non-technical academic background, Tosca gives me quick and easy access to automated testing. After taking the Automation Specialist Level 1 online course, I am already able to design automated test cases steering HTML controls, building my own object repositories or handling dynamic values. These are all tasks I would have needed help from an automation specialist with before.”


– Alexander Dietl
IT-Consultant, Test & Quality Management


“Since introduction of Tosca in our company, Tricentis Academy provided both valuable online trainings and support for sharpening the minds and skills of our company’s employees.”


– Oliver Tanasic
Senior Test Consultant and Professional Trainer
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“The Recap and TCIP trainings are really helpful in learning Tosca in very minute details, there are so many important things I learned during TCIP intensive training which are helping me in our real world projects.

We learned best practices with real world case studies related to different kind of industries which were really helpful.

I would highly recommend it.”


– Fahad Bin Aziz
Quality Analyst and Test Automation Engineer

User Testimonials



“The training was very useful and informative, I learnt a lot and took in a lot of information.”
– Abhishek Kumbhare


“This has really added to my knowledge and skills in using Tosca. The best part was the interactive classroom training.” 
–  Jyostna Barge


“I enjoyed the way the product was presented through interesting use case examples. It provided me with more insight.” 
– Mukesh Dhadse

User Testimonials



“The training was very interactive and it helped me to understand things a lot better.”
– Deepak Rathi


“It was good to get a better overview of the advanced concepts.”
– Mayur Pawatekar

Our Training Partners


A leading provider of technology and software testing, specializing in Application, Infrastructure and Engineering Services. Sogeti offers cutting-edge solutions around Testing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mobile, Cloud and Cyber Security, combining world class methodologies and its global delivery model, Rightshore®.


Infometis has been supporting clients since 1998 to master the challenges of IT projects. They are specialists in requirements engineering, project management, system migration, test management, test design and test automation.


Established in 1994, SEED Infotech Ltd. is one of the leading IT Training organization that provides It Training, Products & Tools Consulting and Staffing Services in India. It has trained more than 7,00,000 plus students, graduates and professionals in last 22 years.


The Testing Consultancy brings together investment in local resources with global partnerships, to provide both general and specialised testing services & solutions in New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Europe.

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Tricentis has many resources available to you, from our training videos, courses, webinars, and certifications, to a vibrant online community.

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