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How to Share Test Cases Across Projects

How to Share Test Cases Across Projects. Share and Execute Test Cases Across Projects.

To share test cases across projects, select the test case sharing option. Then, turn the activation status to On. Project admins can choose to allow their testers to use test cases from other shared projects and allow their current project test cases to be shared with others. Select the projects you wish to share with and then save your settings. In Test Design, you can choose to share test cases at the folder level. This will make all test cases within that folder automatically shared, and you can also individually select the test cases you wish to share.

After selecting your test cases, navigate to a project that you have previously chosen to share your test cases with. Don’t forget, both projects must have test case sharing activated to leverage test case sharing. In test execution, select the ability to add test runs, and then navigate to the Test Case tab. Testers now have the option to choose between multiple project test repositories for test execution.