How to Start a qTest eXplorer Test Session

How to Start a qTest eXplorer Test Session

Manage Exploratory Tests with qTest eXplorer

After you have logged into eXplorer, click the icon in your desktop toolbar to start a session. Then pick the qTest project where your session will be reported. After giving your session a name, you can choose which applications you’d like to record against, and which monitors to focus your testing on.

Once eXplorer started you will notice the widget will blink every time you perform any action on the screen, such as a mouse click, a keystroke, or screen changes. When you find a call-out within your test session, use eXplorer’s note taking ability to document any concerns or defects which appear through your test session.

After your session is complete, you are now ready to take actionable steps from the recording. eXplorer can also be launched the test execution module in qTest to align testing evidence with test-run execution. And lastly, you can create and launch eXplorer from the session manager in qTest.