New on Tricentis Academy: bite-sized learning for busy software testing practitioners


Emma Peet

Growth Content Marketing Manager

Date: Feb. 24, 2021

To meet automated testing targets, testers are expected to execute seamlessly and efficiently. To perform at peak performance, the team needs to be on top of test execution and educated on how to use the selected testing platform. This is no easy feat when time is limited and you’re working with test automation tools that are constantly releasing new capabilities.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone – according to a 2020 LinkedIn Learning report, 49% of learners said they simply don’t have the capacity to learn at work.

Video microcontent for software testers

The Tricentis Academy team has tackled this common dilemma head-on by introducing bite-sized learning via the Academy YouTube channel. Here you’ll find 100s of videos in the form of user tutorials, guides, and tips for using Tricentis tools. They are all just a few minutes or less, so you can dip in and out whenever your schedule allows.

Why not set a challenge to watch one video per day for a month? It can be hard to block an hour, but we can all find 5-10 minutes a day. Learning streaks are proven to enable consistent and efficient learning; when you see great results after your 30-day streak, you might find that your daily learning habit sticks!

Kickstart your learning streak to start testing smarter

Flexible on-the-job learning

The traditional learning approach, whereby we absorb extensive information over a prolonged timeframe, doesn’t always apply when day-to-day challenges need immediate resolution. We are bringing learning to your daily work—so you don’t need to take valuable time out. This is not only more flexible; it will also help you better apply and remember what you have learned.

The Academy YouTube channel content has been designed with instant application top of mind. The how-to videos offer clear answers with guided walkthroughs from our experts (for instance, how to check module usage in Tosca and how to install a qTest license). The videos are super easy to navigate; they’re categorized by Tricentis products as well as hot topics such as QA Transformation. What’s more, the individual playlists are set-up so you can flow through them in a logical and consumable way.

A Lead Test Architect at a Multinational Insurance Company shared:

“The ‘Tosca in a Heartbeat’ series has really helped me understand Tosca while executing a multitude of test cases. From basic refreshers to figuring out CI in Azure, the videos are a lifesaver.”

Check out the ‘Tosca in a Heartbeat’ playlist (click the menu on the top right to see the available videos)

Video link:


“In my 2 years working with Tricentis Tosca, Academy resources have provided a pool of invaluable knowledge. Many of my issues have been resolved just by watching a short video on YouTube.” – Abhijeet Yadav, Software Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

New software testing videos continually added

New content is always being uploaded to the Academy YouTube channel to help you learn about the latest Tricentis product features and developments. Stay informed by subscribing and activating notifications, and keep your finger on the pulse with the latest user tutorials, guides, and tips!

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Emma Peet

Growth Content Marketing Manager

Date: Feb. 24, 2021

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