Tame the risks of digital transformation by modernizing your testing tools and strategies


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No doubt, COVID-19 was a huge wake-up call for business leaders to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. We all watched companies that were on the digital sidelines get left behind because they lacked the agility, resiliency, and fast, intelligent operations needed to adapt, innovate, and run efficiently – even in times of disruption.

For SAP customers, this means safely and swiftly embracing the SAP digital core—the “central nervous system” for the intelligent enterprise. Of course, taking full advantage of digital transformation opportunities involves migrating to SAP S/4HANA and moving SAP solution workloads to the cloud. Companies can expect to realize immense benefits from these transformations, but a significant amount of change is required—especially for enterprises with lots of customizations. And while a migration project might have a discrete completion date, change never stops because SAP is continuing to unleash new innovations at an unprecedented pace.

Throughout these changes, if something goes wrong, it can pose significant risks to business processes, application performance, and data.

How can you take the risk out of digitally transforming key business processes so you can safely accelerate digital initiatives?

The answer is by performing a great deal of testing geared to address all the potential business risks in the new digital world. Specifically, your testing must cover:

  • The day-to-day, end-to-end business processes on which your business runs, including the integrations with non-SAP applications and technologies.
  • The performance of SAP applications to validate they meet user expectations—and don’t slow down or crash during periods of heavy use.
  • The transactional and analytical data that flows through your business to validate that it remains accurate as it moves through various databases and applications, and is consumed by various analytics tools and included in reports.

If you think your current testing approach is sufficient, think again.

SAP customers are discovering that their traditional ways of testing these areas aren’t fast or thorough enough to keep up with the accelerated pace of updates that is continuously putting their SAP business processes, application performance, and data integrity at risk. Why? Because traditionally, different types of testing (unit, regression, performance, data, etc.) were conducted by different teams at different times using different tools. This creates inefficiencies and opens the door for a lot of risk to slip through undetected.

In addition, old ways of approaching testing are simply not comprehensive and accurate enough to test massive technology shifts (for example, migrating from an on-premise SAP ERP solution to SAP S/4HANA). Nor are they fast enough to keep up with the new pace of innovation. For example, SAP issues updates for SAP S/4HANA Cloud on a quarterly basis with a narrow window for testing before the changes go live. This can be challenging for teams used to running SAP solutions on premise, where longer intervals between updates meant longer testing cycles were the norm.

Tricentis: Defining a new era of testing for SAP solutions

SAP and Tricentis are partnering to help customers safely accelerate digital initiatives with modern SAP application testing solutions that address these and other testing inefficiencies. With the Tricentis platform, companies can take the risk out of their transformations and safely accelerate digital business initiatives. Whether it’s a move to the cloud, SAP S/4HANA, or the latest Support Pack, with the Tricentis platform customers can be confident they will always get it right the first time.

Today, more than 400 SAP customers—including some of the biggest SAP shops in the world—are using the Tricentis platform to accelerate their SAP initiatives. And the results speak for themselves, with benefits such as:

  • 10x faster testing speeds: Customers can turbocharge their SAP innovation by making weekly and even daily releases a reality.
  • 90% risk reduction: Customers can detect and mitigate risks in their SAP transformations before they go live, minimizing disruption and eliminating the need for hypercare.
  • 50% cost savings: Customers are seeing testing costs shrink by 50% or more; for large enterprises, this results in millions of dollars saved per year.

Want to learn more?

Watch track session IT 611 at SAP Sapphire Now, where we’ll show you why it’s necessary to modernize your testing approach, and how doing so helps you safely accelerate your digital initiatives. You can also visit


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