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Top transformation tips from 2021: Our ten best podcast episodes of the year

As the time for reminiscing is upon us, it’s time to jump into the archives of our Transformation in 10 podcast to present our top ten episodes of 2021. Listen in to learn about a whole host of topics that have shaken the application development world — cloud, DevOps, quality, security, performance engineering — and many more.  

Our podcast shared invaluable know-how from thought leaders in the field fearlessly tackling these critical areas day-to-day. Directors at Dell and Fiserv shared how they are testing applications at gargantuan scale, and top CEOs told us how DevOps became a critical business priority. Expect the unexpected – how milkshakes relate to product strategy, how karate assists kicking ass in tech – and get the inside scoop on Tricentis’ product mission, cloud journey, and inclusion initiatives.  

This shortlist is just the tip of the iceberg. Listen to many more episodes with thought leaders on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other streaming platforms. 

1. Wolfgang Platz at Tricentis on the future of enterprise application testing 

Our first-ever guest, Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz set the bar high. In this episode, he shares why enterprise application testing should be top of your agenda and debunks the myth that digital transformation is first and foremost a technical project — so if that’s not the case, what are they? 

Listen to this episode to find out.  

2. Adam Arakelian at Dell on a radical ‘Continuous X’ DevOps approach 

For a colossal company like Dell, shifting left across releases for 50+ products with over 10,000 employees per division was no easy feat. Adam reveals how building out CI/CD pipelines has been key to applying their philosophical approach enterprise-wide, and how it resonates loud and clear across the organization today. 

Listen to this two-part episode. 

3. Cornelia Davis at Weaveworks on the pros, cons, and patterns of cloud-native applications 

Cornelia Davis, Chief Technical Officer at Weaveworks, dives into how to thrive in the cloud, and her in-depth technical knowledge shines through from start to finish. If you’re embarking on your journey to the cloud or are unsure where to start, this conversation provides you with the critical foundations for success.   

Listen to this two-part episode. 

4. Grigori Melnik at Tricentis on disruptive product strategy and the cloud 

In our longest episodes to date, Dr. Grigori Melnik, Chief Product Officer at Tricentis, reveals our organizational setup that streamlines innovation. Cloud migration is top of mind, he says: “the cloud has won, no doubt about it.” This enthralling conversation takes some surprising twists and turns, including how Grigori’s time studying disruptive strategy changed the way he thinks about product development. 

Listen to this two-part episode. 

5. Fiserv QA Directors on first-class testing amidst strict compliancy 

Having worked together for over 25 years, Rob Larsen and Tim Smith have fantastic synergy as directors of QA at Fiserv, which shines through in their first-class continuous testing approach. This dynamic duo share how they turbocharge a wide range of testing across multiple towers while adhering to strict compliance policies. 
Listen to this two-part episode.  

6. Tracy Ragan at Deploy Hub on exciting innovations in store for CI/CD pipelines 

Tracy Ragan, Co-Founder and CEO of DeployHub, gets to the heart of how DevOps should be applied, and divulges how Kubernetes and microservices will influence continuous integration and delivery practices. Tracy stresses the importance of embracing change to turbocharge your digital transformations, and even shares how Shotokan karate translates to taking the lead in tech. 

Listen to the episode. 

7. Ryan Cruz at Guardian Life on pioneering performance engineering 

Nothing gets to the crux of performance engineering better than seeing it play out in practice, as proven by Ryan Cruz, Performance Engineering Manager at Guardian Life. Ryan shares how integrating APM solutions and NeoLoad are helping him deliver an excellent customer experience, and updates us on Guardian’s rollout of a cloud-first strategy (spoiler: it’s going very well). 

Listen to this two-part episode. 

8. Jordan Grantham at Tricentis on widening the hiring pipeline with inclusive education 

Incorporating inclusivity from the very start, at the education level, is clear in the partnerships that our Tricentis Academy team have nurtured over the years. Jordan Grantham, Global Education Strategist at Tricentis, discusses how  the Tricentis Academy helps promote diversity in the field of software testing.   

Listen to this two-part episode. 

9. Brietta Smith at Hiscox on a fail-safe and automated Agile approach 

Brietta Smith, Director of Test Practice at insurance leader Hiscox, shares the most impactful shifts in her 20+ years in the application development and delves into how today’s Agile age enables us to test smarter. Brietta’s energy booms through the airwaves; it’s easy to see how she has driven such instrumental change at Hiscox by championing their “we encourage courage” mantra.    

Listen to the episode. 

10. Adam Satterfield at Global Payments prioritizes people and security training 

Last but not certainly not least, Adam Satterfield, Senior Director of Engineering Enablement at Global Payments, is a unicorn taking software testing by storm. Adam talks about how to manage security testing smartly and shares how he helps his teams find their inner testing stars. Also an expert in testing SaaS applications, there’s a lot to learn from Adam. Don’t miss these!  

Listen to this two-part episode. 

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