What’s new in Tricentis Tosca 2023.2: Advanced self-healing and accessibility testing


Simona Domazetoska

Product Marketing Manager

Date: Jan. 04, 2024

We’re excited to unveil enhancements to Tricentis Tosca 2023.2, marking a significant leap in test automation with advanced self-healing and accessibility testing features.

Enhanced accessibility and compliance

Our new Tosca Accessibility Report allows users to identify and address a wide range of accessibility issues in web applications. The report categorizes violations into severity levels (critical, serious, moderate, minor), offering clear insights into areas that require immediate attention. You can instantly see which objects, images, and components of your app have critical violations so you can fix errors real-time. This report is pivotal for developing more accessible, user-friendly applications in an Agile way.

Tosca’s user interface has been revamped for enhanced accessibility, meeting Section 508 compliance. Notable improvements include alternative navigation methods such as keyboard usage, high-contrast focus rectangles, selectable color themes, support for zoomed interface, and screen reader support. These enhancements, ensuring Tosca Commander and Tosca Server’s alignment with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standard, aim to make Tosca usable for a broader range of users.

Extended self-healing for SFDC and Oracle

Changes happen frequently in enterprise applications, most having quarterly or monthly updates. Updating tests to reflect changes in the app is a cumbersome, error-prone process. To address this, we’ve extended our self-healing functionality for both Oracle Fusion and Salesforce apps to automatically identify and update affected modules. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of test cases with each new update, while reducing maintenance effort. To apply self-healing in Tosca, simply right click on the relevant affected execution item and select “Apply self-healing properties” from the context menu. This will auto-update the relevant modules/test cases.

We are also enhancing the performance of Oracle EBS table steering. This means you can rely on Tosca for automating both Oracle EBS including Oracle Fusion technologies, supporting you in your cloud migration.

Tosca also supports the latest Salesforce Winter 2024 release, including resolving any problems that changed with API keys or labels, including improved performance for Salesforce Lightning execution.

State-of-the-art SAP automation

Tosca leads the way in SAP automation, supporting all the latest SAP UI5/Fiori versions, including:

  • Every SAP UI5/Fiori release (1.115 – 1.120)
  • SAP NWBC all releases/patches supported by SAP
  • SAP SuccessFactors Winter 2023 release (2023H2)
  • SAP GUI 8.0 64bit in Test Automation

This enables robust SAP automation, ensuring your workflows are resilient to changes.

Tosca / SAP Solution Manager integration

We’re making it possible to automatically trigger test executions from SAP Solution Manager UI. You can automatically run your SAP tests easily in your CI/CD pipelines across any SAP application and version. This helps teams release SAP changes at DevOps speed.

Enhanced Tricentis qTest / Tosca integration

In our ongoing commitment to streamline and enhance user experience, we are excited to introduce a significantly simplified and enhanced setup process for integrating Tricentis qTest with Tosca. Now, all necessary settings are consolidated into a single, dedicated tab within the Tosca Settings menu, eliminating the need for navigating multiple pages. We’ve automated several steps in the integration process, notably including a pre-configured database connection for the Notification Service, which is now enabled by default. This update is complemented by curated hints directly on the configuration page, guiding users through the Tosca setup with ease. These improvements deliver a more intuitive and user-friendly setup experience, greatly enhancing productivity and overall user onboarding.

Tosca Mobile automation enhancements

Tosca users can use local and cloud devices running on iOS 17, with continuous support for upcoming major OS releases of iOS:

  • Tricentis Mobile Agent supports iOS 17
  • Tricentis Device Cloud supports iOS 17
  • Tosca Mobile supports iOS 17

We are also happy to announce that Tricentis Mobile Agent now supports running iOS tests in parallel. Tosca users can use platform name and platform version to dynamically select devices for local execution. This significantly improves the setup experience of users working with local mobile devices. Instead of working with static device configurations identified via Unique Device Identifier (UDID), users can select devices dynamically based on their availability. This will allow for the reduction in the number of failed tests in case the desired device is currently not available. Furthermore, Tosca users will be able to define desired capabilities in JSON format, which expands available configuration options for third-party device clouds and ensures best possible flexibility when creating mobile tests.

Improvements for Distributed Execution (DEX)

Tosca 2023.2 introduces significant improvements to Distributed Execution (DEX), focusing on speeding up your time to results from execution. And faster results mean faster release decisions. This feature improves the way DEX Agents handle results. DEX Agents are no longer blocked while sending and importing back the results on the server, starting the next test execution immediately without losing time. Furthermore, DEX Agents now have the ability to reconnect to the server post-crash, ensuring continuous operation. We’ve also launched a new early access feature that lets you define multiple AOS workspaces that import your results in parallel, unlocking greater scalability potential. Overall, all these enhancements substantially improve the stability and reliability of DEX/AOS.

Other automation enhancements

  • Enhanced Mainframe automation: Including headless Mainframe scanning and Unicode support (Hindi & Japanese Characters)
  • Support steering of new technologies:  Java 21 LTS, .Net 8, and Desktop
  • Extended support for ARIA framework: Added support for Treeview, ListBox, Link, RadioButton, and ComboBox

Leaders in SAP testing

We’re also proud to announce that we’ve received not one, but two Partner Awards from SAP! The Diamant Initiative Award from SAP Germany honors partners who have made an exceptional contribution to the development and expansion of SAP in Germany.

The EMEA South Partner Excellence Award spotlights top-performing SAP partners that have made outstanding contributions to driving digital transformation for businesses that use SAP solutions.

Want to learn more? Sign up for our January 18 webinar Test smarter with Tosca 2023.2: Extended self-healing and accessibility testing enhancements.


Simona Domazetoska

Product Marketing Manager

Date: Jan. 04, 2024

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