AI Media Group

AI Media Group simplifies UI testing to scale quality and defer costs

Company overview

AI Media Group is a full-service digital marketing agency. It helps customers understand web interactions of prospects, tracking their activity across the buying journey to give more relevant information to marketers. In this age of digital advertising where users are less likely to click on ads, AI Media Group helps marketing organizations improve targeting and conversions with real-time information to drive better results.

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    Industry: Technology
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    Organization size: 75 employees
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    Location: United States
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Web app testing was a bottleneck

AI Media Group delivers services to its large client base through several web-based applications that track, record, and report on buyer interactions. Its customers expect real-time information in order to capture leads and optimize the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. Ensuring that its web applications are functioning properly is critical to the success of AI Media Group’s business.

Testing all of these web applications to get quick feedback on the UI changes that were taking place was a big challenge, especially with a small QA team. Tracking the volume and the frequency of the changes became overwhelming as its client base grew.

The team needed a test automation solution that would allow them to scale their quality efforts, without dramatically increasing headcount.

“We have a large client base with many different websites. Ensuring that the applications were functioning properly and that tracking was in place was becoming overwhelming for our small team.”
— Joel Citron, Vice President of Advertising Technologies, AI Media Group

An intuitive and low-code solution

The team started researching various automated testing tools and frameworks that could help them get faster feedback and reduce the amount of manual effort required to test their customers’ web applications.

“We initially looked at Selenium and Katalon Studio and quickly realized both these tools were not conducive for non-programmers. There was a steep learning curve associated with them.” — Joel Citron, Vice President of Advertising Technologies, AI Media Group

AI Media Group chose Tricentis Testim primarily because it was simple and easy to use.

“Anyone could author, execute, and maintain the automated tests,” according to Joel. The entire team, including both programmers and non-programmers, could now be involved in the quality efforts. While Testim enables fast recording of tests that can be configured to handle most use cases, the AI Media Group team also valued the capability to insert custom code and support nearly any situation.

Finally, given the variability of clients and applications, cross-browser testing was also an important factor. Testim’s cross-browser grid enabled the team to get faster feedback on their applications by running multiple tests in parallel.

Manual testing superseded by Tricentis Testim

AI Media Group’s small QA team comprised of non-programmers was able to author and run close to 100 tests within the first two months. They used Testim’s built-in scheduler to set up and execute daily test suite runs at predetermined times. This eliminated the need to configure their own build tools, saving the team additional time.

Defects were caught early in the development lifecycle, reducing the cost of fixing the bugs and minimizing release risk. The need to test everything manually was eliminated — enabling them to scale their testing coverage. Through Testim’s reporting dashboards, the team was also able to gain insights into the functional performance of their applications. Overall, Testim gave the team faster feedback and a higher level of confidence that the websites are working as expected.

“Testim has enabled us to create suites for our clients and confidently release, knowing that everything is working as planned.” — Joel Citron, Vice President of Advertising Technologies, AI Media Group


  • Fast test creation — 100 new tests in the first two months
  • Scaled test coverage to match application growth
  • Cross-team collaboration on quality
  • Easy scheduling of tests, reducing time and effort
  • Faster feedback to catch and fix bugs cheaper