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Case Study

Global Telecom

Global Telecom Achieves “quality@speed” with Test Automation & Risk Coverage Optimization
Case Study

Global Telecom Achieves “quality@speed” with Test Automation & Risk Coverage Optimization

One of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies was recently tasked with creating new business functionality: a way to let prepay customers recharge their accounts with a new “virtual bucket” payment type.  This business-critical functionality involved numerous systems, including middleware, testing Oracle Siebel CRM, and a payment gateway system. It also integrated into downstream payment systems.

The company recognized that extremely rigorous testing was needed due to the project’s 1) expected contribution to revenue and 2) technical complexity. They were expected to achieve 100% coverage—and they had to accomplish that on an extremely short timeline.

Download this case study to see how they achieved their goal of 100% coverage—with 85% test automation, 24% fewer test cases, and 33% less effort. You’ll learn how they:

  • Determined the minimum number of test cases needed to provide the maximum risk coverage
  • Automated 590 end-to-end test scenarios
  • Seamlessly integrated with their existing test management solution