NewsCred grows developer confidence through UI test automation

Company overview

NewsCred is a leading enterprise content marketing platform helping top brands create and publish consistent marketing content across integrated campaigns.

NewsCred’s SaaS platform is highly customizable by clients through roles-based views that increase variability and make in-app workflow testing onerous. Before using Tricentis Testim, NewsCred used Selenium and manual testing that didn’t scale, requiring excessive maintenance.

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    Industry: Technology
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    Organization size: 60 employees
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    Location: United States
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Intuitive UI test automation realized

NewsCred needed a test automation solution that was easy to use and could integrate into its build and deploy process to test functionality and regression at critical steps.

We spoke with Julia Pearson, a Software Engineer at NewsCred, about their testing challenges and automation success using Tricentis Testim.


  • Automation of manual QA testing tasks
  • Running hundreds of daily tests
  • Synchronizes tests with code branches and merges
  • Catching 2-3 bugs/month before reaching customers
  • Trust has increased because developers know they have a safety net that works