Government agency

Risk-based Salesforce test automation at an Australian Government Agency

Company overview

Innovative digital goods and services are no longer limited to being delivered only by fast-paced startups and tech giants. Governments organizations around the globe are moving from waterfall to agile development, adopting DevOps methodologies, and undergoing digital transformation in order to provide better service to their citizens.

One of Australia’s state departments responsible for sustainable government, public works, procurement, IT, and other innovative shared services recently embarked on their own digital transformation journey around an extensive implementation of Salesforce. The department’s Salesforce implementation spanned over 5 projects, including Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Visualforce — with a mix of Classic and Lightning experiences. With only a small team of manual testers responsible for testing software depended on by 8,000 end-users, this government organization recognized the need for an innovative Salesforce test automation solution. Delivering high-quality solution within short timeframes was key, as was an initiative to better support continuous delivery.

Read this case study to learn how they:

  • Reduced regression testing time 85%
  • Saved over $344K in testing costs
  • Now test 3 environments in parallel (Dev, UAT, SIT)

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