Leading customer success platform Totango delivers continuous UI testing

Company overview

Totango is the leading enterprise-grade customer success platform that helps recurring revenue businesses proactively impact business outcomes with customer success. With solutions to empower customer success teams or entire companies, Totango enables every employee to participate in customer success.

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    Industry: Technology
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    Organization size: 200 employees
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    Location: United States
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Testing: a bottleneck for developers

Like any growing company, Totango was short-staffed on engineering resources and each team member owned multiple tasks. Developers were responsible for doing their own testing, mostly focusing on unit level tests while the overlay team supported the first-level testing efforts. While the team supported a variety of different test automation functions, they never had enough time to invest in automating the user interface level testing. The team considered Selenium and experimented with it.

Low-code solution

Totango believes that everyone on the team should be able to write tests and own code quality. Totango’s R&D team members picked up Tricentis Testim quickly, using it for frontend test automation coverage.

Totango's Successful Test

“Tricentis Testim’s simple user interface makes it easy for our developers to add tests without a steep learning curve. We grew coverage by 30% in 3 months and found that very little maintenance is required so we can keep increasing coverage.”

Totango was able to create a UI regression suite that gave the team confidence that things were not breaking while allowing them to add, expand, and grow without investing a ton of resources into their UI test automation. The regression suite is extremely valuable for the app development team as it serves as a safety net they can rely on when they make changes that break things.

Totango is now working to leverage Testim to not only help with code coverage but run various test scenarios in production. This provides app-level production monitoring to mitigate production malfunctions above and beyond code regressions.



The engineering team ran for quite some time by doing UI level testing manually. To keep up with customer demands and develop more products to their suite, without slowing down their daily releases, the team needed to optimize their frontend testing efforts. Before Testim, Totango would occasionally have a regression at the UI level that forced the team to stop working and go back and fix the issues. Now the team can find the problems quicker and react to them faster, giving them more coverage without slowing down the development pace.

“We had a lot of automated testing, just not at the UI level. With Testim, we’ve been able to place quality front and center and make it a company-wide priority versus a topic only QA is responsible for. The end result to our bottom line is an increase in velocity, quality, and customer satisfaction.”