Tricentis Service Virtualization

#1 CA Service Virtualization alternative

Whether you are using CA Lisa, CA DevTest, or any other version of CA Service Virtualization, there is a better way to deploy and manage your virtual services.

CA Service Virtualization vs Tricentis OSV

Compare and read why Tricentis is the best CA Service Virtualization alternative.

Features and Capabilities

CA Service Virtualization

Tricentis OSV




Negative Testing

Contract Testing

Response Delay Simulation

Load Testing

Additional Costs

No Additional Costs

No Code Maintenance

Low Operating Costs

50% of CA Costs

Competitive Pricing

30% of CA Costs

No-code service virtualization

Typical SV products, like CA Service Virtualization, require development overhead and custom coding. Maintaining this code becomes extremely expensive and can only be accomplished with developer skills.  

Tricentis OSV uses our unique model-based approach the allows you to model complex behavior without any coding required. This reduces maintenance costs of virtual services and allows non-programmers to implement complex, stateful system behavior.  

Stabilize test automation, deploy faster

One of the most prominent test automation bottlenecks occurs when services are unavailable or have inconsistent data.  

With Tricentis OSV you can simulate any system dependency or behavior. This reduces unexpected events and removes the need to build costly sandbox environments. By doing this you will be able to ship more mature products into the next testing stage and eventually into production. 

Service Virtualization Diagram

Remove environment constraints & test more

It is typical not to have systems always available when testing. When services aren’t ready, the data does not fit, or the services belong to a 3rd party vendor, systems usually become offline. However, just because a system is offline, this does not mean we need to halt test automation.  

With Tricentis OSV you can spin up virtual services on-demand that can communicate with your application under test. This makes testing in service-oriented architectures always available. 

SV Workflow Diagram

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