Tricentis Virtual Summit | May 2022

Deliver innovation with confidence

During our recent Virtual Summit, we shared the latest from top thinkers in Agile, DevOps, cloud migration, enterprise applications, and more. The lineup included everything from emerging trends and technologies to success stories from innovative software testing and delivery leaders.

Sessions are available on demand below.


Deliver innovation with confidence

Panel discussion: Creating positive digital experiences through testing


Herding microservices to maintain application-level quality

Using AI/ML to accelerate your software development pipeline

How continuous testing helps laMobilière release 30x daily

The future of cloud-native security

How DevOps and safety fuel passion and quality at Sydney Trains

Digital validation with Vera and qTest: modernizing compliance

qTest and Tosca integration: What’s new, what’s next

What is TestOps: The emerging model for test management and operations at scale

How to automate performance testing in CI pipelines

How to performance test in minutes (not hours or weeks) and get results faster using a SaaS based approach

Solving tough testing challenges for your custom web applications

Proven strategies for building a successful testing practice

5 must-dos for better, faster, smarter end-to-end test automation

How to build a successful SAP DevOps practice

Software testing secrets that will save your data migrations

5 critical factors that drive SAP testing success

Salesforce testing best practices. A health cloud lightning example

Behind the scenes at Guardian Life’s central quality control organization (ESQA)

How effective is your automation? Metrics to evaluate the quality of the automation you’ve built

A Seamless Device Testing Experience with Tricentis and HeadSpin

Tricentis classic – TBox migration – made easy! The module replacer of AUTOMATORS with Vienna Insurance Group/twinformatics Success Story