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Your transformation toolkit

Advance your enterprise testing strategy with our transformation toolkit.

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Customer Success

As a Tricentis customer, you’ll work with a team whose top priority is providing an outstanding experience, outcome, and business value throughout your entire customer journey.​

Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment (CTMA)​

Boost your testing success with Tricentis’ unique Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment. Baseline the maturity of your teams and create an actionable step-by-step strategy to achieve your desired testing outcomes.​

Metrics & KPIs Framework

Track your business objectives with meaningful metrics and key performance indicators. Our strategists work with you to define a set of metrics that tell a story. Let the numbers guide you to continuous innovation. Use our metrics model to select the right metrics to measure for your organization. ​



Connect with a dedicated CSM who will guide you the entire way​


Assess and monitor testing maturity through regular assessments ​


Easily track business objectives with meaningful metrics and KPIs​


Continually move towards Continuous Testing maturity and success​​

“It is a credit to Tricentis to have a resource such as our CSM. He is passionate about Tricentis products and very receptive to our needs. He proactively reaches out to us to ensure we are ok and have no issues. If we do have issues, he drives them through Tricentis on our behalf to resolution. It is a pleasure working with him and he definitely solidifies our relationship.”

Alex Kyriazis, Portfolio Test Director – Payments Transformation Program

Assess your team and create your path to success

In these complimentary assessments, we will help you understand the elements of continuous testing so that you can leverage them in your organization to achieve long-lasting results. With the Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment (CTMA), we enable you to define measurable outcomes and proactively act upon key metrics, to create awareness and showcase your successes.

See how Dolby achieved Continuous Quality Assurance across their SAP applications​

Read how Dolby took an innovative approach to test automation that supported a large SAP footprint, a diverse suite of technologies, and agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodologies.

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