Enterprise Quality Assurance and Test Automation for ServiceNow

ServiceNow is an enterprise cloud resource platform for information technology (IT) management of software-as-a-service applications. Companies using ServiceNow are able to define, structure and automate their work flow, removing dependencies on email and spreadsheets, thus transforming the delivery and management of services for their enterprise.

As a ServiceNow partner, Tricentis Tosca enables you to address the challenges of ensuring sustained quality, budget constraints, data management, and test automation along the value creation chain.

Ensuring Sustainable Quality

Using Tricentis Tosca’s model-based approach, enterprises are able to separate business and technical views in order to reduce maintenance efforts. Both engineers and business users are given the opportunity to participate in test cycles. This DevOps approach allows enterprises to take advantage of ServiceNow’s cross-departmental flexibility and diversity, reducing net testing time and effort. Tosca Testsuite’s agile testing strategies cover simple and complex functionalities for HTML and Webservice scenarios. They are then embedded into ServiceNow development cycles and provide ensured quality assurance during the entire production life cycle.

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Case Study

SwissRe Reduces Time to Release and Increases Efficiency with Tricentis Tosca


Swiss Re’s SaaS QA Success: Testing ServiceNow withTricentis Tosca

Cost Reduction

Maximize your company’s time and cut costs by optimizing your testing with Tricentis Tosca. Tricentis Tosca offers effortless reporting and transparent issue management that is able to track defects during application integrations. It also enables automated quality assurance through continuous integration of development and deployment. Tosca Testsuite’s unique Linear Expansion method helps you to identify the test cases that provide you with the highest risk coverage possible. Managing your data means keeping your maintenance work and costs low.

Test Automation

Reduce testing time and effort by automating your test cases using Tricentis Tosca’s unique Model-based Test Automation approach. Use Tricentis’ ‘smart’ model-based automation approach to scan, specify, and build adjustable models of your ServiceNow app plugins and applications. This can be done independently of business restrictions and dynamic workflow complexity. Tosca gives you the freedom to run automated tests against the browser-based ServiceNow frontend, test backend configurations and business rules as well as monitor integrations within your enterprise application environment.

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How Can Tricentis Tosca Can Help You?

Use Tricentis Tosca to test earlier and often in order to help you not only streamline your enterprise, but also cope with the frequent enterprise software upgrades that may hinder daily business processes.

Implement agile methodology throughout your product cycle by:

  • Optimizing your Risk Coverage
  • Managing your Test Data
  • Automating using Model-based Testing
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