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Tricentis qTest

CA Agile Central test management integration

Extend the value of CA Agile Central with qTest, the most powerful test management solution for scaling software testing with your enterprise Agile planning initiatives.

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Scaling test management with CA Agile Central

Tricentis qTest integrates in real time with CA Agile Central to improve test management visibility and collaboration for Agile teams.

Product owners and developers will always be up to speed on what test cases are validating CA Agile Central user stories through our real-time integration.

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Better automation coverage

Integrate CA Agile Central with test automation tools such as TestNG, Cucumber, Junit, Selenium, and others — possible only with Tricentis qTest


Impact traceability

Get detailed traceability reports of user stories, tests, and defects


Seamless integration

Automatically import data from CA Agile Central with webhooks, eliminating the need for custom connections or additional costs

Tighter developer – tester collaboration

When testers find a defect during test run executions, qTest’s integration with CA Agile will open a native window for rapid defect submission.

All defects reported in CA Agile will contain the test case summary, steps to reproduce, and any custom test run details, so development can quickly work on resolving the defect.

qTest and CA Agile screen of how to report testing defects reported back to qTest

Leverage planning filters

Integration with CA user stories is made simple when you leverage a project filters, which allows testers to pinpoint which user stories they need to test per sprint.

Women pinpoint the tests needed

View properties in real time

When your Agile teams update user stories or edit defect property values, qTest automatically updates in real time, so testers are always in sync.

Teammates viewing the test defect properties

Faster defect turnarounds

Tricentis qTest auto-populates test steps, and environment details so developers can close defects faster.

qTest-CA Agile man typing in notes on the defect discovered

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