Automatically send test results via Jenkins Pipeline and Freestyle projects into Tricentis qTest to facilitate communication in continuous integration and delivery environments.

qTest and Jenkins Pipeline Integration

Embedding Quality in Software Delivery Pipelines

Empower your test engineering team to engage at every step of the software delivery pipeline, from inception to design to delivery, with our Jenkins plugin.


Unify Unit Tests

Pull in any test results in JUnit or XML style reports


Flexible Settings

Configure out plugin to work with a host of build tools including Ant, Gradle and Maven


Turnkey Setup

Save time creating reports with our free Jenkins plugin that parses and publishes test results into a central repository

How it Works with Jenkins Pipelines

Tricentis qTest users can now better unify tests that run through continuous integration with other automated functional, performance, exploratory and manual tests, all in one view.

  • Flexible Results Options allow you to override existing test case steps with new steps when submitting test results.
  • Customize where your CI Results are stored in  qTest whether it’s a Release, Test Cycle or Test Suite

Integrated for Speed and Quality

In the real world of DevOps, you don’t have the luxury of choosing between speed and quality. That’s why qTest deeply integrates into CI/CD workflows to unify development with strategic quality.

  • Break down development silos by giving test teams visibility into the latest test and build results
  • Continuously checking quality at each stage of DevOps

View Pipeline Results

Do you know the health of your DevOps pipeline? With qTest Insights, you can see all test activities in one location so you can quickly identify issues and deploy with confidence. View CI builds, test automation and exploratory testing for full traceability.

  • Chose from 30+ out of the box reports to view Jenkins test results across projects.
  • Trace Jenkins results to Jira issues like user stories and bugs for full traceability into sprint progress