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Tricentis qTest

qTest Jira test management tool for Agile testing

With Jira being the industry’s favorite Agile planning and tracking tool, Jira test management is essential. Your testing teams need an intelligent Jira testing tool to stay connected.
qTest Jira test management is the solution and continuous testing tool.

Built with the enterprise team in mind, qTest offers real-time integration with Jira releases, issues, and defects. Plan, track, and test — smarter and faster than ever before.

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The complete Jira test management solution

In a space full of Jira apps geared toward small teams, Tricentis qTest delivers comprehensive Jira test management built for Agile testing.



Test automation traceability

Consolidate all automation into one location for enhanced traceability.


Real-time integration

Quickly access and analyze your latest test scenario results.


Agile planning

Collaborate and streamline test scenario creation directly within Jira.


Flexible deployments

Works with all Jira deployments – cloud, server, and data center.


Smart and scale

Easily map test projects to multiple Jira projects and instances.


Enterprise reporting

Know when your issues are ready for production with embedded quality metrics.

Ensure test coverage with in-sprint Jira test management

qTest’s Jira test management deeply integrates with Jira’s sprint planning process. This allows testers to align tests, user stories, tasks, epics, or custom Jira issue types to ensure test coverage.

  • Connect open-source automation with Jira issues for in-sprint traceability
  • Easily design and reuse test cases associated with Jira issues
  • Get real-time views into Jira issue properties
qTest-Jira integration screen showing test coverage details

Simple Jira testing setup, built for scale

Most Jira test case management options only offer you a “scheduled sync.” This results in costly overhead to maintain project mappings, leading to update delays, poor performance, and data collisions.

Tricentis qTest’s true, real-time integration means no more delayed syncs. Now, you can have data that are always up to date — whether it be requirements, defects, or other Jira issue types, for true Jira test management.

Make the most of your Jira test management

To get the most out of your Jira testing, you need the proper tools to both capture key metrics and create intelligible, visually stunning reports. Other reporting options either fail to capture your Jira data, can’t link it to your testing efforts, or simply fail to deliver reports in a speedy, straightforward manner.

Unleash the power of qTest Jira test management plus Tricentis Analytics. Create meaningful reports based on your Jira testing data. With Tricentis Analytics’ custom reporting capabilities, you can:

  • Track Jira release readiness with reports that chart test results against Jira user stories
  • Analyze trends with Jira-integrated change history data
  • Dig deeper into requirement coverage by Jira priority and fix version
qTest-Jira screens with analytics outputs showing charts with test data custom reporting

Are your developers and testers on the same page?

Collaboration is at the heart of Agile plus DevOps. qTest Jira test management is all about maximizing collaboration.

When your testing teams find a defect during execution, the real-time integration automatically opens a native Jira window for rapid bug submission. This ensures that your developers are always up to date.

  • Auto-populate steps to reproduce and execute results to Jira fields
  • Link Jira bugs with CI/CD build results through our Jenkins and Bamboo integrations
  • Link Selenium and other open-source automation scripts to Jira bugs
Bamboo integration

Bamboo integration for qTest Manager

Send your JUnit test results from Bamboo directly to qTest Manager for reporting.

Jira integration

Jira integration for qTest Manager

Facilitate real-time integration between qTest and Jira with this connector.

Jira integration

Jira BDD integration for qTest Scenario

Collaborate and build Gherkin test scenarios directly on Jira issue pages.

Think a paid Jira test management app is the solution?

Many qTest customers are former Jira testing app users who realized that these simple apps lacked the enterprise features required for continuous testing.

Quick chart on the items related to the Jira integration.

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