Model-based Test Automation

T est automation has become a critical part of any modern enterprise environments. In order to adopt agile methodologies, enterprises must be able to handle frequent changes introduced to their system landscape. Test automation tools must perform comprehensive end-to-end testing across all enterprise systems and must be powerful enough to remain stable within an ever-changing environment, without stepping into the ‘maintenance trap’. Tricentis Tosca’s Model-based Test Automation approach goes beyond script-based methods , using a more powerful, cost-effective and scalable testing solution for enterprises.

Automated Testing

Tricentis Tosca lets you concentrate on the most important tasks at hand – defining the right test scenarios rather than solving automation problems.

  • Create dynamic test cases that synchronize with any application under test
  • Minimum effort needed to make changes during the testing period
  • Reduce maintenance efforts to an absolute minimum
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Download our Tosca Automate UI Factsheet.

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The Tosca Recorder

The Tosca Recorder - MBTA Recorder Tosca Screenshot

Most testing tools either use script based capture-replay tools that only cover about 10-20% of your application, other testing tools use complicated automation frameworks, requiring companies to rely heavily on technical expertise, which only end up covering about 30-40% of their application.  With our Tosca Recorder, Tricentis Tosca allows you to record and create model-based automated test cases without extensive technical knowledge of testing.  It also automatically recognizes previously recorded controls and is able to re-use your test assets, which means redundancy- free test cases.

Download our Automate API Testing Factsheet.

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End-2-end Testing

Allow true end-to-end testing capabilities by supporting an impressive list of technologies out-of-the-box.

  • Shorten test cycle times by testing API interfaces
  • Reduce the number of tests by shifting testing to the left
  • Break down communication barriers by creating test cases understood by all team members
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Orchestrated Service Virtualization

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